The Finest Fromage You Need to Know About

November 21, 2014

No, it’s not Brie or Camembert, you might be surprised to know that one of the finest French cheeses is Comté. While not as well known in the U.S, Comté is one of the first cheeses in France to be classified AOC (Appellation d’origine controlee), which designates regions of France where a product can be produced. Comté is made in the Jura Massif of France, a region of medium-range mountains stretching along the Swiss border north of Geneva and is aged in cellars or caves from 4 months to 2 years. Comté is an authentic tasting cheese that is complex and masterfully hand crafted. And, perhaps one that you may think impossible to feature in your next product application.

You Too Can Have Comté

A sophisticated cheese with a complex profile, we here at Edlong decided it was the perfect cheese to put our dairy technology expertise to the test. Our flavorists were able to replicate the complex flavors of Comté and our culinary team developed a seasoning blend that works both as a topical application and a sauce.

For a topical application feature we started with an unsalted potato chip and topically applied the blend of our authentic Comté-Type flavor with butter and Swiss-Type flavors to achieve brown-butter notes, roasted nut aromas and the sweet finish associated with Comté. This is a chip elevated in both sophistication and flavor.

For manufacturers looking to create a premium Comté cheese sauce at a lower cost, incorporating Edlong’s Comté-inspired seasoning blend may be the answer. The authentic flavor of our seasoning blend allows for commodity replacement in a cheese sauce which results in increased stability and decreased costs. And consumers will be attracted to the gourmet but rustic attributes of Comté and its applications.

Ready to elevate your product with the finest fromage? Contact us today to request a sample.

Featured Edlong Flavors:

Natural Comté-Type Flavor #1412313
• Powder
• Kosher dairy
• cream, lipolytic, savory, salty, fruity, cheese, aged, Comté

Natural Swiss-Type Flavor #1411703
• Powder
• Kosher dairy
• Swiss, cheese, sour, savory, nutty, creamy, yeasty, mild

Natural Butter Flavor WONF #1411848
• Spray Dry
• Kosher Dairy
• butter, dairy, fatty, lipolytic, country