The Magic of Flavor Layering

March 19, 2015

Sometimes more is better, and flavor layering is a perfect example of this. Flavor layering is a technique that can be applied to almost any finished product from savory sauces to sweet cocktails. Typically flavor layering can be applied to either achieve a perfect unified taste (think mole) or to impart a sensory journey with individual tastes shining through (think grilled seasoned steak). We’re on a bit of a snack-kick here at Edlong, so we decided to apply the concept of flavor layering using our versatile dairy flavors and nuts to create a great tasting, protein-filled and satisfying snack.

A Game-worthy Snack Application

Our Spicy Ranch Coated Nuts begin with peanuts for crunchy texture and nutty flavor, not to mention great protein (7g per 50g serving). Next, we layered in a blend of our natural sour cream, buttermilk and butter flavors to bring creamy richness with superior mouthfeel and tang. We then applied a spicy layer using a peppered sauce powder, reminiscent of a favorite hot sauce. And viola, flavor layer magic was achieved. We guarantee this is a snack consumers would love toting along to their favorite tailgate party.

Looking to achieve magic with flavor layering? We’d love to share our flavor layering tips for your next snack application. Contact us today…we root for all teams!

Edlong Featured Flavors:

• Natural Sour Cream Flavor WONF #1411206

• Natural Butter-Type Flavor #1411311

• Natural Buttermilk-Type Flavor #1411123