The Year of Peru

April 8, 2014

With several hundred Peruvian restaurants established across the world in the past decade 1, Americans can expect to see this cuisine on fine-dining menus and food trucks alike. With it’s thousands of potato and corn varieties, Peru’s gastronomic diversity draws both from its Incaan roots and geographic regions of the sea, the Amazon jungle and the Andes mountains.
Peruvian cuisine has been called the original fusion cuisine as its influences are Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and recently, French. And with all this diverse cultural influence comes the sophisticated and fresh flavors that attract so many to Peruvian cuisine. The country’s star ingredient is the aji amarillo, and is typically featured in a traditional Peruvian dish, Papa a la Huancaína, a boiled yellow potato salad with a spicy, creamy sauce. Traditionally made with queso or feta, Huancaina Sauce is a creamy cheese sauce completed with the aji amarillo, evaporated milk, garlic and onion.

Can you say Huancaina?

Inspired by this combination, we set out to create our own version incorporating our dairy technologies and solutions. We understand that while foodservice manufacturers always want to respond to the hottest culinary food trends, it can be difficult to execute this on a larger scale and still maintain an authentic taste. That’s where Edlong can help. Our recipe starts with an all-natural Heavy Cream-Type flavor that provides the desired dairy profile at an extremely low usage level. Making it convenient and cost-effective for manufacturers to share this trendsetting cuisine with their consumers is our goal. These flavors will have you booking a ticket to Peru for your next vacation or at the very least learning how to pronounce huancaina (wan-kay-eena).


Featured Edlong Flavor

Natural Heavy Cream-Type Flavor 1411816
• Powder
• Kosher Dairy
• Heavy cream, creamy, dairy, fatty, lactone, milk, waxy
• 0.08%