Travel The World With Cheese And Butter

October 26, 2016

Say Cheese, In Consumers’ Favorite Ways

Today’s sharing economy and interconnectedness have given consumers a greater appreciation for the tastes that could once only be found in an exclusive import shop or by travelling the world. Today’s consumers seek out global taste experiences, and Edlong can help you create authentic profiles that appeal to their sense of adventure.

The Edlong European Cheese Flavor Collection

The wide variety of cheese flavors available in this collection offer a unique portfolio of authentic, artisanal European cheese profiles. These flavors can be used to create on-trend profiles for any application, and include favorites like Brie, Camembert, Comte, Edam, Emmental, Feta, Goat, Gorgonzola, Gouda and Gruyere.

  • Formulate with flavors that are natural, Kosher Pareve, non-GMO, Halal-certifiable and Whole Foods compliant
  • Create authentic, premium taste at a fraction of the cost of artisanal cheese
  • Produce a consistent profile time after time
  • Meet stability and functionality requirements
  • Experience proven success in a variety of applications

Butters Go Global

The Edlong Global Butter Flavors Collection

Two core types of butter are sold commercially—Sweet Cream Butter and Lactic Butter (or cultured butter). Sweet Cream Butter is also called Fresh Cream Butter and is made from unripened cream without any bacterial culture added. This is the type found in most North American supermarkets and the kind U.S. consumers grew up eating. It has a very mild, creamy, buttery taste.

Lactic, or cultured butter has been ripened by the action of bacteria, which is added to the cream before it is aged and churned. The bacteria help ferment the lactose (milk sugar) and turn it into lactic acid. This process results in a more richly flavored, tangy butter. Many European and other global butters are cultured. They all have rich, intensely creamy, buttery flavor and a velvety texture. In addition to butter processing methods, dairy management practices also influence flavor. Feed differences and climate also play a role in creating unique butter profiles.

Experience grass-fed richness, Australian/New Zealand creaminess, Latin American sweetness or European tanginess with Edlong’s Global Butter Flavors collection.

  • Create nuanced products using authentic global butter flavors
  • Deliver premium taste and value
  • Produce a consistent profile time after time
  • Replicate complex profiles
  • Meet stability and functionality requirements

To learn how our European Cheese Flavor Collection and Global Butter Flavors Collection can strike the perfect, authentic note on your next application, just give us a call.