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March 13, 2014

Protein…it’s on everybody’s Health & Wellness playlist for 2014. More than ever, consumers are taking charge of their personal health and wellbeing making conscious and purposeful meal choices that complement their workouts. Famous for weight control because of it’s ability to keep us satiated and energized, protein has enjoyed a renewed following as a fortifier for many ready to eat meals and snacks. Ready-to-go protein drinks are the perfect solution to nutritionally feed consumers’ highly scheduled, fast-paced lifestyles. Here at Edlong, we have given protein a sweet, rich vehicle in the form of our Caramel Chocolate Protein drink – providing a powerful, nutritional punch for consumers seeking a meal replacement or a midday, post-workout snack.

Big Flavor, Bigger Benefits

Working with protein can be a workout in itself. Finding the right balance of flavor that delivers great taste with minimal off-notes can be a challenge. We’ve developed a nutritionally balanced and delicious drink with added protein, fiber and vitamins that delivers on consumer desire for healthy indulgence. With a creamy and rich mouthfeel, we’ve incorporated a sweetener blend of Stevia and Monk Fruit that minimizes off-notes and provides for a low fat and low calorie profile. All these benefits make this great tasting drink a stealth-health opportunity with flavor so good your customers will “favorite” it on their protein playlist.

Key Benefits

  • 170 calories per 8 oz serving
  • 15g protein per serving
  • 5g fiber per serving
  • All Natural flavors, with low usage levels
  • Flavor synergy from using caramel with chocolate flavors to add
  • indulgent richness for a satisfying “meal” experience

Featured Edlong Flavors

Natural Chocolate Flavor #1412166

  • Powder
  • Kosher Pareve
  • Sweet, chocolate, cocoa, creamy, nutty, caramel, milk chocolate, salty
  • 0.600% Use Level

Natural Beverage Mouthfeel Flavor #1412397

  • Liquid
  • Kosher Pareve
  • Cream, caramel, cooked, brown, sweet, masking, chocolate, lactone
  • 0.300% Use Level


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