Whole Wheat, Whole Lotta Flavor

April 24, 2014

Once the breakfast darling of the 90’s, the muffin has recently taken a nutritional beating compared with today’s healthy eating trends. We have become accustomed to super-sized, dessert-style muffins laden with sugar, fat and enough calories to satisfy a day’s requirements. Manufacturers have made many attempts to makeover the muffin by using nutritionally dense whole wheat flour that is higher in fiber, lower on the glycemic index and higher in vitamins than all purpose white flour. However this has led to some noticeable taste differences resulting in a somewhat bitter taste that makes consumers reluctant to try healthier formulations.

A Healthy Muffin Basket

Inspired to create a healthier muffin, we turned to our portfolio of technologies to create a version consumers will want to eat because it’s healthy and tastes as good as a traditional muffin. The base muffin recipe combines fiber-boosting whole-wheat flour, applesauce for moistness, and a natural milky-creamy type flavor to balance any off-notes. Utilizing dairy flavors in whole wheat applications helps mask bitterness while adding a sweet milky flavor and should become part of food manufacturers arsenal for healthy food formulations.

Edlong’s dairy solutions make it easy for manufacturers to meet consumer demands for healthy, great tasting meal or snack options. Make them an integral part of your next whole wheat product development project and get ready to hear, “that’s a whole lotta flavor!”

Featured Edlong Flavors

Natural Milky Creamy-Type Flavor #1411235
• Spray Dry
• Kosher Pareve
• Sweet, milk, coconut, creamy
• Water soluble, oil dispersible