Your Pasta Will Thank You

August 11, 2014

Open most refrigerators in America and chances are you will find the classic shaker of “Parmesan” cheese. Its packaging is a favorite feature and makes it convenient and easy for consumers to top pizza or pasta with some zesty cheese. However, if you are a consumer with a dairy allergy, you might feel a little left out.

Manufacturers have been challenged to create a dairy-free Parmesan cheese that delivers on taste, texture and cost. Creating dairy-free Parmesan may seem like a “no-can-do”. But…Edlong knows success comes in cans (or shakers in this case) not cannots.

Bring on the Shaker!
We have been in the dairy flavor business a long time. And we have a few secrets for making an analog cheese that can be grated, dairy-free and taste as good as real Parmesan in a shaker. We start with our Natural Parmesan and Romano type flavors and round them out with our Natural Butter type flavor, creating a blend that will have manufacturers happy with the cost and consumers wondering, “are you sure this is dairy free?”

Give us a chance to work with you on your next grated cheese formulation. When you shake that Parmesan can, all that will come out is great tasting dairy-free cheese, not wasted costs.

Edlong Featured Flavors:

Natural Butter-Type Flavor #1411311
Spray Dry
Kosher Pareve
Butter, dairy, fatty, lipolytic, country

Natural Romano-Type Flavor #1410503
Kosher Pareve
Romano, Sierra, cheese, Cotija, waxy, yeasty, lipolytic, soapy

Natural Parmesan-Type Flavor #1412119
Kosher Pareve
Musty, Parmesan, fatty, fruity, waxy, aged, caproic acid, cheese