At Edlong Dairy Technologies, our singular focus on dairy flavors alone is innovative—no other company shares our passion for or commitment to creating the world’s best-performing dairy flavors.

Then again, breakthrough ideas have always set us apart. In 1965, we developed the first commercially viable, cost-effective, concentrated Cheese flavor. A decade later, we became the industry leader in dairy flavor emulsion technology through a series of proprietary processes and ingredient innovations.

Today, whether demonstrating cost savings over traditional dairy commodities, developing masking and mouthfeel flavors that enhance better-for-you applications, or creating region-specific profiles, we are committed to providing products that work.

Recently, we expanded our line of Whole Foods-Compliant and Organic-Compliant flavors. We also offer allergen-and dairy-free flavors to accommodate consumer and industry sensitivities.

And there's more technology in development, so stay tuned. Contact us to learn more.

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