Edlong® is continually developing new dairy ingredients and flavors that meet the needs of today’s food manufacturing industry.

Dairy Ingredients:  Where Science and Art Converge

Across the globe, products formulated by Edlong fly off grocery store shelves, refrigerators and freezers and into shopping carts. We use dairy ingredients and non-dairy ingredients to create flavor profiles consumers want, and that keep them coming back for more. Our concentrated cheese, butter, milk, cream, cultured, sweet dairy and other flavors deliver just the right intensity for your application, in a variety of forms and solubilities. If custom flavor development is required, our food scientists will expertly develop a formulation that fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for amplified flavor, reduced reliance on fluctuating dairy commodities, batch-to-batch consistency and stability in harsh, high-heat environments, a tasteful top-note or to brand your latest concept, we combine our expertise in science with an artistic approach to deliver authentic dairy flavor.







Sweet Dairy