Who We Are

Who We Are

More than a century ago, Edlong® was founded to help bakeries improve their products. Today we are global leaders in dairy and dairy-free flavors, committed to helping food and beverage manufacturers innovate faster, for authentic-tasting, consumer-pleasing products.

Our Philosophy

We are scientists and artists, seekers and creators. No other company shares our passion or commitment to creating the world’s best-performing dairy flavors.

Our Mission

Edlong balances science and art to craft exceptional and versatile dairy flavors that enhance taste and mouthfeel. We assist customers at every stage of product development, offering technical collaboration and formulation expertise. Our mission is simple, yet ambitious: to enrich the lives of everyone we touch. We are dedicated to solving even the most difficult product formulation challenges.

Our Promise

When you work with Edlong you not only get unmatched dairy flavors, but a team that truly cares about our customers’ successes. Every one of our employees, from receptionists and flavorists to customer service representatives and forklift drivers, work together to ensure that our products are formulated, packaged and delivered in a way that consistently exceeds your expectations. Quite simply, our responsiveness, reliability and strong relationships is our promise to you.

Our Values

Edlong is different from any other flavor house—and not just because we’re the only one that focuses exclusively on the finest dairy flavors. We treat our customers like family, and naturally build long-term relationships. We’re proud of our 99% on-time shipping record, but it’s that 1% that inspires us to try even harder. At Edlong we are committed to managing our business in ways that put you first. This commitment is rooted in the core values that guide the behavior of each Edlong employee.

Edlong EU Team

Formula for Success

Call it our recipe rooted in respect. Here’s a look at how we work with one another, and our commitment to getting to that dairy ingredient lightbulb moment that solves your biggest formulation challenges.

We Are All In This Together

We do not work alone. Understand how we are connected to customers and colleagues. Quickly and freely offer and accept support. At the end of the day, we will rise or fall together.

We Take Ownership

We are here because we are needed. What we do matters to customers, colleagues and the company. We do our job to the utmost of our ability and realize our impact. Be our best self. 

We Look For A Better Way

We can improve anything in our pursuit to create value for our customers and company. Look for waste and ways to do things faster, simpler and better. We act proactively and with a sense of urgency when a better way is found.

We Enjoy Victory And Grow From Defeat

Freely share the joy of success. When things go wrong, reflect, learn and grow from the experience. Apply the valuable lesson to future opportunities. Never stop learning.

Our History

  • 1914
  • 1950s
  • 1960s
  • 1970s
  • 1990s
  • 2000s

1914: Edward Long pools his resources with four brothers to take the risk of a lifetime! He launches the Ed Long Chemical Company and becomes Chief Chemist and Head Marketer. 1915: The company joins FEMA – the Flavor Extract Manufacturers Association as an active member

John B. “Jack” Bremner Jr., son of the youngest of Ed Long’s original partner brothers, buys the company for $63,000. He relocates the business to 340 Huron Street in Chicago and continues the business’s mission to provide specialty flavors and colors to bakers and confectioners.

Jack Bremner realizes he needs new, updated flavors to grow the company. He hires Chicago-area flavorist Gene Rondenet to join the company with a starting salary of $13,000. 1965: Gene is given the right to purchase shares and he gains majority control of Edlong.

Throughout the decade, Edlong innovates proprietary processes for biotechnology using dairy building blocks to produce flavor emulsions. Business booms. 1972: Edlong expands operations to two buildings in Elk Grove Village, IL. 1977 : Discussions start about developing a manufacturing site in Ireland.

1993: Gene Rondenet invites his daughter, Laurette, to join the business. Meanwhile, risky investments put financial stress on the business. 1997: Gene and Laurette turn the company around and in the same year Edlong is honored as the top supplier of premier dairy flavors and ingredients. Edlong would win this award again and again.

2012: Laurette Rondenet, youngest daughter of Gene’s seven children, becomes Edlong’s principal owner. In 2012, she officially became Edlong’s President & CEO. “Leading the business was my dream for a long time,” says Laurette. “It’s a dream that has evolved from being about my own leadership to one about enriching the lives of others.”

Edlong Executive Leadership Team

Leadership Team

The Edlong® leadership team lends its vision to our organization, and each of the team’s dedication to excel reflects the values we cherish in our organization. We aim for authenticity in our products and in how we do business.