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When you hunger for a creamy, sweet, corny, toasted, melted, popcorn or other buttery nuance, count on Edlong® to deliver authentic richness.

We excel at creating distinctive, concentrated natural butter flavors that are heat stable, cost-effective, lend superior taste and offer a variety of forms and solubilities to meet your processing needs. Visit our Edlong® DairyLink database to easily find the butter profile for your bakery, spread, sauce, cracker, cookie, dip, prepared meal, side dish or other application. If you need additional help, please contact us.

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Authentic Flavors for Every Food Application

These icons show the versatility of Edlong flavors

These flavors do not contain any known allergens. **Disclaimer- non-allergen statements will vary due to country specific regulations. Check with regulatory for country specific allergen details.

Functional; These flavors offer variations for the onset and building of the flavor impact

These flavors contain no dairy, are Kosher Pareve and are suitable for plant-based dairy alternative products

Functional; These flavors are stable under higher temperatures throughout processing

Functional; These flavors provide masking properties to alleviate bitterness and off-notes

Functional; These flavors provide richness and mouthfeel to positively impact taste profiles

These flavors satisfy consumer desire for ‘No Artificial Flavors’

These flavors do not contain any added genetically modified sourced ingredient

These flavors are Organic compliant and are suitable for any organic application

Functional; These flavors provide performance improvement for healthy reduction and commodity replacement

These flavors contain no animal, dairy, egg or honey products and are suitable for vegan applications

These flavors meet vegetarian requirements and contain no animal products except dairy derived ingredients


Grass Fed Butter

The taste attributes of global butters vary by the type of grass cows eat to produce milk. This flavor is described as more animal/barnyard or grassy and fresh in character with a creamy and milky base profile consumers expect.

Sweet Butter

Rich creamy, milky profile with the light sweetness expected of an indulgent buttery profile that also provides mouthfeel.

Cultured Butter

Flavors that provide the expected creaminess of butter with the added fermented and savory notes associated with cultures. This line of flavors provides more depth to culinary and prepared foods, sauces, and dip applications where the richness and robust taste elevates the overall profile.

Cooked Butter

The smell of buttered popcorn with authentic melted, toasted, and brown notes are made more versatile with an extensive line of cooked butter flavors with the heat tolerance and aromatics expected by consumers.

Vegan Butter

Dairy-Free flavors that deliver authentic butter profiles, richness and mouthfeel. Build base dairy notes and authentic butter taste with our extensive portfolio of vegan compliant flavors.


Flavors that deliver authentic butter profiles, richness and mouthfeel, while masking any off-notes from vegetable oils or other functional ingredients.

Here are some things to think about in determining your flavor needs.

Describing a preferred or targeted flavor profile requires an understanding of the primary flavor attributes as well as secondary and functional features. Edlong has created a set of unique tools to provide you with the language necessary to best describe the optimum taste profile for your innovations. Our Butter Flavor Wheel is a valuable resource to help you describe the desired taste profile in specific detail, and accelerate innovation by selecting the right flavor samples for your product development. Contact us and we’ll help you achieve the perfect taste from among our broad range of complex profiles.

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