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plant-based cheese pizza mouthfeel

June 22, 2021

Dairy-free, Plant-Based

Adding Flavors To Plant-Based Products: Key Considerations For Food & Beverage Developers

Plant-based food manufacturers can help position their products to succeed by adding flavors and addressing mouthfeel. The benchmark for plant-based products is a real thing. Usually, you’re looking for something that looks the same, tastes the same, and even has the same properties in terms of mouthfeel. The product also, most importantly, has to taste […]

plant-based beverage

June 22, 2021

Dairy-free, Plant-Based

Plant-Based Success Through Natural Flavors: A Conversation with Edlong Sensory Manager Julie Drainville

Consumers are increasingly falling in love with plant-based foods, and the data shows it: Over the past five years, vegan and no-animal-ingredient claims on product packaging have increased 350%. With health at the top of consumer minds, natural plant-based flavors can help keep labels clean and consumers happy. Yet, many consumers still say that they […]

Commodity cost reduction flavors

June 16, 2021

Commodity reduction

F&B Manufacturers Are Boosting Taste and Their Bottom Line. How? By Focusing on Flavors That Reduce Costs.

Riding a surge of COVID-driven consumer demand, most food and beverage CPG brands didn’t just survive, but thrived—even as manufacturing costs soared across every area from dairy commodities to packaging. Consumers bore the brunt of commodity inflation, as swollen production costs were passed along to grocery stores in the form of a 1.6% increase in […]

mouthfeel plant-based milk shake

June 9, 2021

Dairy-free, Plant-Based

In The Hot Space of Plant-Based, Here are the Answers to Your Most Burning Plant-Based Formulation Questions

Everyone knows by now that the plant-based food and beverage market is hot, with demand constantly growing and innovation happening fast. From new plant-proteins to fermentations that can develop concentrate ingredients which are able to improve overall flavor in plant-based alternative food products, the next frontier of plant-based is a shifting landscape. At Edlong, we’re […]

creating plant-based products

Dairy-free, Vegan

Discover How Dairy Can Be Reinvented For Creating Plant-Based Products

Creating Plant-Based Products? You’re In The Right Place! To meet the increasing demands of consumers, more—and more creative—vegan alternatives are showing up on grocery store shelves and on restaurant menus. With the space continuously evolving and innovations happening rapidly, it is crucial for food manufacturers and their food scientists to stay ahead of the curve. […]

authentic dairy taste flavors

May 5, 2021

Cheese applications, Cheese flavors, Culinary indulgence, Dairy flavors, Dairy-free, Healthy Reduction, Masking & mouthfeel, Plant-Based

Yes, It Is Possible To Create Authentic Dairy Taste Using Dairy & Non-Dairy Flavors

DAIRY FLAVOR IS MORE THAN TASTE. IT’S TEXTURE AND MOUTHFEEL. IT’S MASKING BITTER OFF-NOTES AND ADDING RICHNESS. SOMETIMES IT’S EVEN DAIRY-FREE. Dairy, in particular, can be a vital component in delivering the complex flavor profiles that create a complete and satisfying culinary experience. That is why using dairy or dairy-free flavors as important components can […]

2019 Edlong picnic Group Shot

April 26, 2021

Giving Back

The Diversity In Our DNA Drives Our Innovation, Collaboration And Success

As a Certified Women-Owned flavor house, diversity and inclusion are woven throughout the fabric of our organization from both an internal and external perspective. We create our own initiatives and philanthropic commitments to cultivate and amplify diversity and inclusion in all that we do – including in our relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, partners, and […]

Butter Flavors

April 23, 2021

Butter flavors, Dairy-free

Bring Regional Authenticity To The Table With Global Butter Flavors

While the pandemic has made passports a thing of the past for many, just because you can’t collect stamps while traveling world it doesn’t mean your taste buds can’t explore international flavors. Edlong’s Global Butter Flavors Collection lets consumers experience US grass-fed richness, Australian/New Zealand creaminess, Latin American sweetness, and European tanginess. Butter flavor profiles […]