The Scientific Art

of Authentic Taste


Across the globe, products formulated with Edlong Dairy Technologies find their way off grocery store shelves, and out of refrigerators and freezers, into shopping carts. That’s because with such depth in dairy flavor technologies, nobody can match our authentic dairy flavors.

Our concentrated cheese, butter, milk, cream, cultured, sweet dairy, functional dairy, masking and mouthfeel and other flavors deliver just the right intensity for your application, in a variety of forms and solubilities. If custom flavor development is required, our food scientists will expertly select and combine the right products from our existing line, or our flavorists will develop a new one to fit your needs. In fact, they often help our customers achieve their goals in unexpected ways.

Whether you’re looking for amplified flavor, reduced reliance on fluctuating dairy commodities, batch-to-batch consistency and stability in harsh, high-heat environments, a tasteful top-note or to brand your latest concept, we develop flavors that work for you.