Our dairy flavors give you the flexibility to launch creative new flavors without the expense of sourcing and inventorying hard-to-find, expensive new raw materials. Create an indulgent experience. Or use Milk, Cream and Butter flavors to replace or enhance dairy commodities and round out your flavor profile.

Edlong’s flavors excel in a variety of Dessert applications, including:

  • Novelty coatings, ice cream inclusions, frostings, fillings, mousse, frozen yogurt, ice cream, sweet fruit dips, pudding, custard, tiramisu, crème brûlée, soy- and almond-based desserts.

Working on any of these applications? Consider using the following flavors in your product development:

  • Milk & Cream: milky creamy, cream, fresh milk with either vanilla, cooked or caramel notes
  • Cultured: cream cheese, yogurt, sour cream
  • Sweet Dairy: chocolate, cheesecake, vanilla custard, flan, vanilla almond, caramel, brown sugar
  • Butter: melted, sweet, toasted, brown

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