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Whether you are working on Plant-Based, Better-for-You, or Decadent applications, there’s a science and an art to creating authentic dairy taste. We improve richness and creaminess while masking off-notes. We enhance dairy taste, even in dairy-free applications. With our singular focus on dairy flavors, only Edlong delivers the subtle flavor nuances that creativity inspires and experience ensures.

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Perhaps you’re looking to create a new, indulgent innovation or simplify your labels. Maybe you want to improve taste or satisfy sugar moderation goals. Whatever your objectives, we’ll help you reach them. With a broad global portfolio of dairy flavors that deliver the taste of dairy, including more than 250 dairy-free and vegan flavor options, we are dedicated to helping you enhance and expedite the commercialization of your food and beverage launches

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Capturing the sophisticated intricacies of flavor and the taste of dairy takes expertise born from both science and art. Nutty Parmesan. Fresh milk. Tangy cultured notes. Velvety mouthfeel. Whatever your flavor goals, our flavor scientists will work to get you there faster, backed by the science and artistry that will make your brand a consumer favorite.

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We strive for authenticity not only in our dairy flavors, but in ourselves. More agile and responsive than larger companies, we build strong, personal relationships that help your products succeed, while emphasizing integrity, quality and reliable service. Let us show you how.

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