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March 30, 2017

Employee Spotlight

Colossal Team Spirit, Clones And Cannolis

Shawn Ressler Applications Analyst Title, location/department, when you started at Edlong. My title is Applications Analyst and I work in the Applications department. I officially started on December 7 2015, but actually started working at Edlong on May 26, 2015. How would you describe your typical day? A typical day for me can vary dramatically, […]

February 28, 2017

Dairy flavors, Snacks & bakery

The Science of Bread

Antioxidants are hailed for their health and wellness benefits. A class of molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules, antioxidants occur naturally in numerous fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. Antioxidants are everywhere on store shelves. They’ve found their way into a wide variety of consumer products, from juices and smoothies to skin care products. […]

February 28, 2017

Employee Spotlight

A Flavor For Language And Learning

Mario Jez Junior Flavorist Title, location/department, when you started at Edlong. I am a Junior Flavorist in the Elk Grove Village R&D Flavor Lab. I started working at Edlong in June, 2011. How would you describe your typical day? I start each day preparing a set of flavor compounds for our internal chem review sensory […]

February 28, 2017

Butter flavors, Vegan

The Art Of Butter

Few things are more indulgent than butter. Shortbread cookies, flaky pie crust, buttercream frosting and melted butter on popcorn represent just a few of our favorite ways to enjoy butter. But today’s consumer is looking for balance.  They want to indulge in their buttery favorites while still maintaining their health and wellness goals. Healthy and […]

January 24, 2017

Masking & mouthfeel, Snacks & bakery, Sweet dairy flavors

Overcoming Off-Notes

Too much of a good thing Today’s educated consumers know how to purchase foods that speak to their individual health goals, and they expect their snacks to deliver on functionality. Manufacturers have listened, and are creating snacks with more and more healthy ingredients on the label. The result of all this health and wellness is […]

January 24, 2017

Employee Spotlight

From Customer To Senior Food Scientist!

Monica Gotomo Senior Food Scientist Title, location/department, when you started at Edlong. I am a Senior Food Scientist in the Application Group. I joined Edlong in August 2015. How would you describe your typical day? The Application Group covers a wide range of projects. I could be working on a seasoning for chips, a beverage, […]

January 24, 2017

Masking & mouthfeel

Bitterness, Astringency And Balancing Flavors—Solved!

Sweet, salty, sour, umami and bitter The classifications of our organoleptic taste perception do not all impart thoughts of delicious foods that we can’t wait to eat. The relative responsiveness of taste receptors means that we have an innate sensitivity for every component of what we eat. What happens when one of these categories, like […]

December 21, 2016

Giving Back

A Stronger Edlong Enriches

At Edlong, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our culture. In our ongoing efforts to support our mission, employees and the community at large, we are pleased to launch a renewed, revised and more robust version of our giving back program, Edlong Enriches. To enrich the lives of those we touch Edlong’s mission […]