From the Edlong Kitchen: Summer Pavlovas

WARNING: Don’t watch this video hungry! Click and enjoy a delicious desert recipe for Summer Pavlovas come to life from our recent Kitchenside Talk episode, featuring the new #Edlong Organic Butter Vanilla and Organic Cheesecake flavors. Big thanks to our own Anne Druschitz and Ashley Sabo for sharing…even if we won’t!

Recipe: Summer Pavlovas with Cashew & Blueberry Mousse and Cheesecake Meringue


  • Unsalted boiled cashews
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Coconut cream, milk, and oil
  • Edlong Organic Butter Vanilla Flavor


  • Egg whites
  • White sugar
  • Edlong Organic Cheesecake Flavor


Blend cashews, blueberries, coconut ingredients, and flavor in high-powered mixer to form mousse.

Whip egg whites, sugar, and flavor to create cookies.

Pipe cookies onto sheet and bake at 200-225 Farenheit for 1 hour.

Let rest for 1 hour in turned off oven.

Plate, decorate, and enjoy.

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