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Watch Now: The Perfect Formula for Reducing Cost & Maximizing Value Webinar Recording

The Perfect Formula for Reducing Cost & Maximizing Value Webinar Recording

Presented by Edlong Flavors

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Meet Your Expert Panelists

Lauren Hopkins

Lauren Hopkins, Edlong


Lauren is a Business Development Director at Edlong with a passion for helping product designers and executives launch the next innovative food products. She has an unwavering belief in my team, their ability, and our products that is backed by a track record of customers who have saved time and resources by working with us.

Laura Enriquez, Edlong

Laura Enriquez, Edlong


Laura serves as Edlong’s Master Scientist – Strategic Applications and has 29 years at Edlong and over 30 years of experience in the food industry. She is adept at combining the strategy, vision and business knowledge with her extensive technical expertise in food science. She serves as a Member of IFT, RCA , AACT.

Marvin Goertz Bunge Headshot

Marvin Goertz, Bunge


Marvin is the R&D Director – Oils at Bunge. He leads their core research and development team to support their shortening, margarine and oil customers by developing new products, assisting operations, and playing an active role in key business initiatives.

Ron Pagaoa

Ron Pagaoa, Ingredion


Ron currently serves as the Sr. Category Marketing Manager for the US Canada Savory business at Ingredion since May 2019 and is responsible for leading the strategy and business initiatives focused on soups, sauces, dressings and ready meals. He has been at Ingredion for almost 18 years.

Jaime Reeves Mattson Co

Jaime Reeves, Mattson Co.


Jaime is the Executive Vice President, Product Development & Commercialization at Mattson. She is responsible for leading product development & commercialization across Mattson’s diverse R&D team and manages a broad range of client relationships.