Our resources are your resources. We've posted a collection of some recent articles, presentations, webinars and other materials that cover a variety of topics about dairy flavors and the food manufacturing industry. Currently, our downloadable library includes the following:

  • Articles

    • Interviews Edlong in "Baking & Snack Q&A"

      This exclusive Baking & Snack Q&A finds three experts from Edlong Dairy Technologies looking at the role of dairy flavors in fostering chef-created taste and masking bitter notes.

      Publication Date: August, 2013
    • Edlong Announces New Name, Logo

      Edlong Dairy Flavors has changed its name to Edlong Dairy Technologies, and announced a new logo to accompany the new name. The shift reflects how the company is increasing its value to global customers through expanded capabilities infood ingredient technologies.

      Publication Date: August, 2013
    • Girls, Inc. Attends Inaugural Food4Thought Experience

      As part of Feeding Tomorrow’s Food4Thought initiative, four high school students from Girls, Inc. in Orange County, CA attended the IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo® for an immersion in food science. Edlong is a founding partner in Food4Thought and participated in the inaugural event.

      Publication Date: July, 2013
    • Dairy-derived flavors: A little goes a long way

      Edlong experts and products are featured in this article about dairy flavors and their use in a variety of applications.

      Publication Date: January, 2013
    • White Paper: Dairy Flavors Improve Mouthfeel & Provide Masking

      Dairy flavors provide two key functional properties necessary when developing appealing healthy foods—masking and mouthfeel.

      Publication Date: May, 2012
    • European Flavor is in Among Butter Flavor Developments

      The European Union's financial troubles aside, the group does seem to have butter figured out.

      Publication Date: December, 2011
    • Consumers Moving to Dairy for Protein Options

      Beyond traditional sources such as meat and poultry, consumers increasingly seek new protein options, and dairy ingredients are moving front and center in product development.

      Publication Date: October, 2011
    • White Paper: Health Conscious Meets Big Flavor

      The New Taste of Better-For-You Foods

      Publication Date: May, 2011
  • Documents

    • The Right Balance: Use of Dairy Flavors Controls Costs, Creates Consumer Appeal
      Publication Date: August, 2012
    • Recommendation of Flavors for Hispanic Profiles

      A presentation about flavors that have similar profiles to popular Hispanic products.

      Publication Date: February, 2012
  • Webinars

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