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July 28, 2016

Butter flavors, Cheese flavors, Clean label, Dairy-free, Sweet Spot

Less is More At IFT

Introducing Edlong® Simply Dairy Ingredients and Edlong® Sweet Spot Flavors The demand for simple labels, reduced added sugar and more authentic taste in premium products inspired us to develop Edlong® Simply Dairy ingredients and Edlong® Sweet Spot flavors. This year at IFT, we presented savory and sweet concepts made with Edlong innovations that deliver less and […]

June 30, 2016

Cheese flavors, Cultured flavors, Snacks & bakery

Introducing the Seven Layer Cracker (No Dip Required!)

A Messy Favorite in a Neat, Cheesy Cracker As summer months and warmer weather begin across the country, chances are most of us will be headed to a barbecue. And chances are that someone at that barbecue will have made a delicious seven layer dip. This familiar layering of cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, onions and […]

June 30, 2016

Employee Spotlight

A Taste For Excellence

For nearly three decades, Rick Schultz has been Edlong’s expert on flavor development. This month, he shares the story of his first big success, his proactive solution to a pungent client challenge, his musical talent, and the path he follows when he’s not at work. Rick Schultz VP of Strategic Product Development, R&D Department When […]

June 30, 2016

Dairy flavors

Edlong’s Many Flavors of Innovation

It’s Eleven O’Clock, Do You Know Where Your Dairy Flavorist is? We do! Right here in our labs. At Edlong Dairy Technologies, our singular focus on dairy flavors alone is innovative—no other company shares our passion for or commitment to creating the world’s best-performing dairy flavors. We help you innovate through breakthrough products, but also […]

May 24, 2016

Beverages, Masking & mouthfeel

The Secret To Making Protein-Rich Lattes Taste Great

Edlong Solves the Caffeine + Protein Challenge The ready-to-drink coffee category has been on the rise for the past several years, highlighted by the higher consumption of espresso-based and gourmet coffee drinks such as lattes, mochas and cappuccinos among Millennials. These consumers are also looking to add protein to their diet, and are also eager […]

May 24, 2016

Employee Spotlight

Soccer, Sushi and Security—Meet the Power Behind our Finance Team

Behind our Finance Team Stronger financing means more opportunities for our customers. While the finance team isn’t usually in the limelight, their duties are vital to our daily operations. CFO David Starr leads that team.David Starr Chief Financial OfficerWhen did you start at Edlong? I joined Edlong in May 2012 (I recently celebrated my 4 […]

May 24, 2016

Clean label

Consumers Want It All—Edlong Helps You Give It To Them

The Versatile Power of Edlong Natural Flavors Consumers are not only looking for clean labels, they expect them. Recently, the FDA released results of its Health and Diet Survey. It indicated most consumers have referred to the Nutrition Facts Panel when making purchasing decisions. As we all know, consumers want as few ingredients listed on […]

April 19, 2016

Employee Spotlight

Tireless Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

Production. Safety. Training. Waste management. Uniforms. Dustin Miraldi helps Edlong and our customers thrive in many important ways. Read about this President’s Choice Award Winner’s favorite pasta dish, and his rosy memory of a discussion with Gene Rondenet about gardening. Dustin Miraldi Production Manager When did you start at Edlong? I joined Edlong in July […]