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authentic dairy taste flavors

May 5, 2021

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Yes, It Is Possible To Create Authentic Dairy Taste Using Dairy & Non-Dairy Flavors

DAIRY FLAVOR IS MORE THAN TASTE. IT’S TEXTURE AND MOUTHFEEL. IT’S MASKING BITTER OFF-NOTES AND ADDING RICHNESS. SOMETIMES IT’S EVEN DAIRY-FREE. Dairy, in particular, can be a vital component in delivering the complex flavor profiles that create a complete and satisfying culinary experience. That is why using dairy or dairy-free flavors as important components can […]

2019 Edlong picnic Group Shot

April 26, 2021

Giving Back

The Diversity In Our DNA Drives Our Innovation, Collaboration And Success

As a Certified Women-Owned flavor house, diversity and inclusion are woven throughout the fabric of our organization from both an internal and external perspective. We create our own initiatives and philanthropic commitments to cultivate and amplify diversity and inclusion in all that we do – including in our relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, partners, and […]

Butter Flavors

April 23, 2021

Butter flavors, Dairy-free

Bring Regional Authenticity To The Table With Global Butter Flavors

While the pandemic has made passports a thing of the past for many, just because you can’t collect stamps while traveling world it doesn’t mean your taste buds can’t explore international flavors. Edlong’s Global Butter Flavors Collection lets consumers experience US grass-fed richness, Australian/New Zealand creaminess, Latin American sweetness, and European tanginess. Butter flavor profiles […]

Chile Rellenos de Queso

April 20, 2021

Cheese applications, Cheese flavors, Meals & meal centers

Dairy Can Be Festive: Check Out This Chile Relleno de Queso Recipe From Our Mexico Office

Dairy can be festive! As Americans celebrate Mexican Culture on Cinco De Mayo and Mother’s Day is celebrated in Mexico as one of the biggest holidays of the year, we wanted to not only celebrate Mexican culture but also share this delicious authentic Chile Relleno de Queso recipe from our very own Lilia Elizalde, Business […]

Vegan Edam Cheese

April 19, 2021

Cheese applications, Cheese flavors, Dairy-free, Plant-Based, Vegan

Case Study: Vegan Edam-Style Cheese

GOAL To develop a vegan edam-style cheese with the similar texture and complex, authentic taste of real Edam cheese. PROCESS We began by focusing on ingredients that would create the right texture, all while building in layers of flavor to create an authentic tasting vegan edam-style cheese. Using plant-based fat and functional ingredients like starches […]

dairy-free lime and gin macaroons

March 31, 2021

Beverages, Cream flavors

Dairy Can Be Surprising: Check Out This Springtime Dairy-Free Lime and Gin Coconut Macaroons Recipe!

Dairy can be surprising! Nothing says fresh like a citrusy sweet treat as the days start to warm up. Check out this Dairy-Free Lime and Gin Coconut Macaroons recipe from our own Ashley Sabo, Senior Food Scientist in our Applications Lab. Lime and Gin Coconut Macaroons Ingredients 4 large egg whites 2/3 cup sugar 3 […]

Creating Signature Tastes Video

March 16, 2021

Employee Spotlight

Creating Signature Flavors

Signature Flavors & Sensory Insights We sat down with our Sensory Manager Julie Drainville on a video call to chat about the importance of creating signature flavors for brands – and how they can do it using the right flavors. Don’t miss this Q&A! What is a signature flavor? Julie: A signature flavor is a […]

Irish Coffee Recipe

March 15, 2021

Beverages, Cream flavors

Dairy Can Be Lucky: Check Out This Irish Coffee Recipe From Our Ireland Office

Dairy can be lucky! If your pot of gold is getting products to market faster and driving sales, we’re here to be your 4-leaf clover. Raise a glass with this Irish Coffee recipe from Emily Sheehan in our Ireland office – and Happy St Patrick’s Day from all of us at Edlong! Irish Coffee Recipe […]